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Home Care Aide Jobs in Liberia 2024 – Apply Now

An individual to join our staff as a Causal Home Care Aide is required. This position would permit the accumulation of hours per your availability. Causal employees are obligated to complete two-weekend tasks per month and one holiday per year. Training and work experience in the field are what determine wages.

In the role of a Home Care Aide, one is responsible for delivering personal care and health-related services that are specifically tailored to uphold the physical and emotional well-being of the resident. Duties will also include administering medications, maintaining sanitation, and undertaking comprehensive documentation. A background investigation is mandatory. While prior experience is not mandatory, a strong interest in working with older individuals is essential. Have a desire to qualify as a CNA? We can also assist you in obtaining certification.

We offer eligible employees flexible schedules, paid training, holiday pay, shift differentials, employee scholarships, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, paid sick leave, and a comprehensive benefits package including health, dental, life, and 401k with employer match, in addition to competitive wages and a great team.

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Premier Health Care Management commenced senior care center management with Hilltop Health Care Center in 2012. In 2015, Garden View was incorporated into Hilltop as a campus for independent and assisted living. Presently, Premier Health Care Management operates a total of twelve establishments, encompassing both assisted living and nursing homes.

In addition to offering an array of activities and amenities, we provide person-centered, high-quality care with dignity, respect, compassion, and honesty. Our nursing homes are renowned for delivering exceptional specialized nursing care for both short- and long-term needs. We are honored to have maintained CMS 5-star ratings for consecutive years. Our assisted living facilities foster a sense of community and encourage autonomy among all residents and personnel.

Details of Home Care Aide Jobs in Liberia

  • Pay: From $16.25 per hour
  • Company: Paynesville Health Care Center
  • Medical specialties: geriatrics
  • Standard shift: day shift, overnight shift
  • Supplemental schedule: Holidays
  • Weekly schedule: rotating weekends
  • Work setting: in-person, long-term care
  • Experience: Home Care: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Work Location: In person

Benefits of Home Care Aide Jobs

  • Individualized Care: Home care attendants deliver individualized care, focusing on the unique requirements of each client and providing personalized attention. This creates a more intimate and compassionate atmosphere in contrast to institutional care environments.
  • In Favor of Independence: With the assistance of aides, clients can remain autonomous and acquainted with their living space while receiving care in their residences. The quality of life for those who prefer to remain in their residences can be significantly enhanced.
  • Adaptable Timetables: Numerous positions for home care aides provide flexible work hours, which accommodate a variety of schedules and promote a healthier work-life balance.
  • Constructing Significant Relationships: Aides frequently foster intimate connections with their clients and their families, extending companionship and emotional support. There are times when this facet of the occupation can be exceptionally gratifying.
  • Diverse Workplace Environments: Home care aides are employed in a variety of contexts and undergo a range of experiences, including assisted living facilities and private residences.
  • Career Development and Advancement: A home care aide position may provide an introductory experience before pursuing a professional trajectory in the healthcare industry. Numerous individuals pursue additional education or certifications in nursing or other healthcare professions as a result of this experience.
  • Significant Experience: Gaining practical experience in caregiving through employment as a home care aide entails providing support with routine tasks such as medication adherence, personal hygiene, and occasionally fundamental medical responsibilities. This expertise can prove advantageous in a multitude of healthcare environments.
  • Demand and Availability of Employment: It is anticipated that an aging population will increase the demand for home care attendants, resulting in a stable labor market and a multitude of employment prospects.
  • Enhancement of Well-being: Home care attendants fulfill an essential function in augmenting the quality of life of their clientele through the provision of vital care, support, and aid with routine tasks.
  • A sense of accomplishment: For home care assistants, assisting those who are in need and positively influencing their lives can evoke deep feelings of satisfaction and intention.

Demonstrating a steadfast dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion for all, Koronis Place is an AA/EOE.

If you necessitate alternative application or screening methods, it is your responsibility to directly approach the employer with your request, as Indeed does not bear liability for the employer’s application process.

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  1. What can a home care aide do?

    Personal Care. Helping someone bathe, get dressed, or brush their hair and teeth.
    Toileting. Helping someone use the toilet.
    Getting Around. Helping someone walk or transfer from a wheelchair to a bed.
    Preparing meals and feeding Helping someone make food or assisting with eating.
    Household tasks and errands.

  2. What is the main role of a care worker?

    Providing personal care, including showering, baths, shaving, and oral hygiene. Supporting people with mobility issues and transfers using appropriate equipment. Preparation of daily meals and support with feeding and hydration.

  3. What is the role of a home care assistant?

    Helping or supervising clients with washing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. Preparing client meals and snacks and feeding or supervising eating and drinking. Administering medications. Cleaning the house, washing clothes and linens, shopping, and other domestic duties as needed.

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