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Health Care Aide Jobs in Calgary 2024 – Apply Now

Driven by a deep concern for the well-being of team members, families, and residents, the Health Care Aide is responsible for delivering exceptional care and assistance to volunteers, residents, and their families while adhering to their assigned scope of practice. The Health Care Aide exhibits responsiveness to the comprehensive requirements of the residents through their support with activities of daily living, encouragement of personal decision-making, preservation of dignity, and facilitation of independence.

Details of Health Care Aide Jobs in Calgary:

  • Job Title: Health Care Aide Jobs in Calgary
  • Posting Number: 22-7745
  • Position Number: HCA-CA06-010
  • Location: Bethany Calgary
  • Union: AUPE
  • Unit: LTC Level 3
  • FTE: 0.48
  • Position Type: Part-Time
  • Hours of Work: Days 0645-1500 hrs
  • Shift Per Cycle: 12 shifts in 5 weeks

About Bethany

Bethany has been enhancing the lives of seniors and adults with disabilities in Alberta for the past seventy-five years through the provision of housing, health, and community services that respect their uniqueness and character.

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Why Bethany?

Individuals who desire a sense of community connection within a person-centered organization are being sought. Bethany has been recognized as a Top Employer for fifteen consecutive years due to the employee programs in which it has invested.

Bethany provides generous vacation and leave time, supplemental compensation for maternity absences, competitive salaries, benefits, and retirement savings programs. We are dedicated to the welfare of our employees and to community service. Our investment in our personnel is justified by the fact that they fuel our success.

What You Will Do:

Individual obligations will be categorized into five primary domains of emphasis:

  • Care centered on the resident: Advocates for service excellence and demonstrates responsiveness to the requirements of residents while adhering to resident care plans, policies, and procedures. Assists residents with all required activities of daily living while preserving their dignity and privacy.
  • Documentation: Maintains accurate and comprehensive records and promptly notifies the registered nurse or licensed practical nurse of care and related observations. Supervises, observes and documents the holistic requirements of residents, including their physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and emotional well-being, in the health care record.
  • Regarding safety: Constantly contributes to the creation of a secure environment for oneself, the team, and residents by comprehending and implementing safety protocols and guidelines. Exhibits a comprehensive understanding of all policies and procedures about emergency preparedness and response, occupational health and safety, and residents.
  • A proactive student: Manifests the values and vision of Bethany and carries out the organization’s mission of creating caring communities.
  • The Nature of Teamwork: A considerate individual who collaborates and works well with others as a member of a team. Collaborates with members of an interdisciplinary team to assess and modify the recorded care requirements of residents.

What You Bring

  • 10th-grade education and a Health Care Aide certificate approved by the Government of Alberta
  • Registered with the Health Care Aide Directory of the Government of Alberta
  • Experience as a former health care assistant is desired but not mandatory.
  • Capacity to operate efficiently in an environment that is both physically and mentally taxing
  • Capable of effectively comprehending, speaking, reading, and writing in English
  • Proficient in problem-solving, communication, and observation

Benefits of Health Care Aide Jobs in Calgary:

  • Implications for Direct Patient Care: HCAs fulfill a critical function in the provision of patient care through the provision of direct aid and assistance to individuals requiring healthcare. They enhance the comfort and overall welfare of patients.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Aiding others and improving the lives of those in need provides job fulfillment for a great number of individuals. HCAs frequently form significant relationships with the individuals they attend to.
  • Extreme Demand: A significant demand exists for healthcare attendants due to the aging of the population and the growing healthcare requirements. Employment prospects are frequently advantageous, presenting prospects for gainful employment.
  • Diverse Places of Employment: HCAs are qualified to work in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, and at-home care. This diversity affords individuals the opportunity to select a work environment that aligns with their personal preferences and flexibility.
  • Adjustment in Scheduling: Numerous healthcare facilities provide HCAs with flexible scheduling options, including the ability to work part-time or full-time and a variety of shift configurations.
  • Rapid Entry into the Field of Healthcare: In many cases, becoming a healthcare assistant expedites one’s entry into the healthcare field in comparison to other professions within the industry. Generally, training programs are of a reduced duration, which allows for earlier entry into the workforce.
  • Advancement Opportunities in the Workplace: To advance their healthcare professions, HCAs may pursue additional education and training, which can lead to positions such as registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN).
  • Consistent Employment: In general, the healthcare industry exhibits greater resilience to economic downturns, thereby contributing to a certain level of employment stability.
  • Opportunities for Development and Training: Frequently, employers offer HCAs opportunities for ongoing development and training to help them maintain their expertise and knowledge of the latest patient care best practices.
  • Diversity in Routine Duties: Healthcare aides perform an extensive range of duties, which encompass aiding in personal hygiene, monitoring critical physiological indicators, facilitating mobility, and offering psychological solace. This diversity can contribute to the job’s appeal and vitality.
  • Emotional Incentives: HCAs interact closely with patients and their families regularly. Significant emotional rewards can result from positively impacting the life of another individual.
  • The Way to Advance Your Education: Gaining practical experience in the healthcare field while working as a healthcare assistant can be an advantageous stepping stone for individuals interested in pursuing higher education in this domain.

How to Apply For Health Care Aide Jobs in Calgary?

Are you impressed by what you see and believe you possess the qualifications necessary to become a member of our team?

More Info

  • If applying internally, kindly include your professional email address at in your application.
  • Each applicant’s interest is appreciated.
  • Bethany Care Society is an employer that values equal opportunity.
  • To be considered for the position, qualified applicants will be expected to undergo a criminal background check and furnish documentation of all mandatory vaccinations.
  • Bethany Care Society adheres to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. By submitting your resume to Bethany, you grant permission for the collection and utilization of your personal information in the context of this job competition. We ensure that your information remains strictly confidential.
  1. How much do healthcare aides make in Calgary?

    The average salary for a health care aide is $50,734 in Calgary, AB.

  2. How do I become a healthcare aide in Canada? 

    Although some private healthcare employers will accept applicants with less than Grade 12 education, most prefer candidates who have completed a high school diploma and who have completed a healthcare assistant program. Most employers also require a criminal record check and tuberculosis screening.

  3. Is health care assistance in demand in Canada?

    Health care aides and health care providers are two of the many careers in demand in Canada. The reason for the demand across Canada is aging and population growth.

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