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Physiotherapist Jobs in Australia 2024 – Apply Now

Located in close proximity to the shore and providing a picturesque view of Cockburn Sound, Up to 238 residents are accommodated at Aegis Shoreline, a cutting-edge residential aging care facility that offers a resort-like environment and superior care and services. We are in search of a compassionate physiotherapist to become a member of our friendly and committed staff.

The position provides the chance to deliver physiotherapy services that are of superior quality and grounded in empirical evidence. These services are provided in accordance with our philosophy of resident-centered holistic care. You will be tasked with the daily responsibility of evaluating the residents’ physical and psychosocial functioning.

You will collaborate with residents and individuals who hold significance in their lives. determining the patient’s physiotherapy objectives, requirements, and personal preferences. Maintaining communication with all stakeholders regarding the goal-directed, resident-led care planning process in a multiskilled setting that is centered on the reintegration of our residents Physiotherapists recognize the significance that healthy aging and optimal physical functioning have for the well-being of individuals.

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Aegis physiotherapists will experience daily variations. Your primary competencies will be put to use across a broad spectrum of cases, which is a notable advantage. Comprising, yet not restricted to, the evaluation, surveillance, and formulation of suggestions concerning:

  • Prevention, post-fall evaluation, analysis, trending, and management of falls
  • Musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment
  • Evidence-based acute and chronic pain management
  • The concept of mobility
  • prescription for exercise (Physitrack subscriptions are available).
  • Retraining and rehabilitation for functionality
  • supply of equipment.
  • Advocate for cardiovascular and respiratory rehabilitation education and health.
  • health of the continence, bowel, and pelvis.
  • In terms of positioning,
  • Transfers and duties are performed manually.
  • Controlling edema.
  • Advocate for residents by endorsing risk mitigation and choice processes.
  • Instruction and training
  • practices of quality monitoring and ongoing enhancement.

You will receive assistance in performing admirably in this position from a group of seasoned clinicians and will have the chance to engage in peer support activities. providing opportunities for professional and personal development.

Details of Physiotherapist Jobs in Australia

  • Job type: Part-time
  • Shift and schedule: shift work
  • Company: Aegis Aged Care

About Aegis

Since four decades ago, the Aegis Aged Care Group has provided West Australians with high-quality care services. By means of ingenuity and creativity, we strive for excellence in order to offer a superior standard of living to the residents of our 28 care facilities in Washington. With over 3,500 employees, Aegis is the largest residential aged care provider in our state.

By adhering to our coaching and continuous improvement culture, you will not only be employed in a stimulating and fulfilling setting but also in an organization that encourages the development of every staff member.

As an Aegis employee, you will be qualified for the following advantages:

  • competitive compensation, which incorporates annual leave accumulation.
  • an all-encompassing orientation program.
  • Continual education (including a newly established graduate program) and career advancement prospects
  • A number of reputable companies offer employee discounts, and there is also an employee assistance program.

Benefits of Physiotherapist Jobs

  • Strong Demand: Because of the aging population, rise in sports injuries, and increased emphasis on preventative healthcare, physiotherapists are in high demand globally.
  • Job Security: Because of the demand for physiotherapy services, it is a generally safe career choice with work stability guaranteed.
  • Workplace Flexibility: Physiotherapists can pursue career flexibility and specialization by working in a range of environments, such as private practices, schools, sports clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and home healthcare.
  • Competitive Salary Structure In addition to excellent pay and benefits, physiotherapists have the potential to earn more as they gain specialty and experience.
  • Excellent Work Satisfaction: It can be extremely rewarding and gratifying to assist patients in recovering from injuries and improving their quality of life, which can result in high levels of job satisfaction.
  • Diversity of Patient Groups: Physiotherapists treat a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries in patients of all ages and backgrounds, from young toddlers to the elderly.
  • Professional Development: Sports medicine, orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, and geriatrics are among the fields that offer opportunities for professional growth and specialization.
  • Opportunities for Learning: To guarantee that practitioners in the field of physiotherapy remain current with the newest methods and research, ongoing education and training are crucial.
  • Practical Clinical Background: Working with patients, administering treatments, performing evaluations, and creating treatment plans gives physiotherapists practical experience.
  • Medical Team Cooperation: To offer complete patient treatment, physiotherapists frequently collaborate with physicians, nurses, and other medical specialists as members of a healthcare team.
  • Worldwide Prospects: Physiotherapists have international job and practice options due to the transferability of their abilities and qualifications.
  • Various Work Environments: Physiotherapy is a subject that accommodates a wide range of career objectives with a wide range of job locations, from clinical practices to research and academia.

About you:

  • Possess an authentic enthusiasm for engaging with the elderly.
  • for rehabilitation and enablement.
  • a commitment to customer service that centers on delivering a thorough and significant physiotherapy service to every resident.
  • Possess exceptional attention to detail and problem-solving abilities that are solution-oriented.
  • a voraciousness for innovation and ongoing progress.
  • proficient in written, verbal, and interpersonal communication.
  • capable of functioning both independently and collaboratively.

Whether you are an experienced clinician or a recent graduate interested in transitioning to residential aging care, our team is here to provide support and guidance. We are delighted to assist you in this endeavor.

Essential Requirements for Physiotherapist Jobs in Australia

  • A qualification in physiotherapy and AHPRA registration
  • Possess unrestricted working rights in Australia and pass a national police clearance.
  • A legitimate driver’s license is required.

Kindly select the “Apply” option if you satisfy the requirements and envision yourself as a valuable asset to Aegis’s diverse staff, committed to the well-being of our geriatric clients, in the future.

Please visit the following link for additional details on this opportunity: 08 6254 8200 and speak with Jonathan Slowe or Rebecca Mountford, Physiotherapy Consultants.

For More Info:

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  1. Are physiotherapists in demand in Australia?

    Physiotherapy is a profession that appears to be in considerable demand across various employment sectors and has been formally deemed in shortage for most of the last 30 years. It is currently one of the fastest-growing of the regulated professions, with growth particularly strong in the last two years.

  2. How do I get physiotherapy jobs in Australia? 

    The Council will need to evaluate you before allowing you to practice as a registered physiotherapist in Australia. Once you have been successfully assessed against the Australian standards of physiotherapy practice, you can apply for registration with Ahpra.

  3. Can a foreign physiotherapist work in Australia? 

    To work as a physiotherapist in Australia, you need to apply for and be registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia. You might also need to apply for a visa from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Australian Immigration Department).

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