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Medication Aide Jobs in Denmark 2024 – Apply Now

We are in the process of recruiting a Medication Aide to become a member of our committed staff, who is eager to contribute positively to the well-being of our residents, their families, and the greater community.

Our conduct is dictated by the CAPLICO Core Values:

  • The occasion
  • Enforcement of Accountability
  • An Interest in Learning
  • Admire Each Other
  • Strategic Risk-Taking
  • (Employee First!) Customer Second
  • Owner Ranks

You should apply if these fundamental values strongly resonate with your own moral compass and you satisfy the following requirements.

Details of Medication Aide Jobs in Denmark

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Benefits of Medication Aide Jobs

  • Patient Care Contribution: Medication aides play a crucial role in patient care by ensuring that prescribed medications are administered to individuals. This component is vital for the management and enhancement of health outcomes.
  • Enhanced Patient Safety: Medication Aides are educated in the secure and precise administration of medications, thereby enhancing patient safety. As part of their responsibilities, they oversee patients for adverse reactions or side effects, thereby enhancing patient safety as a whole.
  • Expanded Healthcare Team: Medication assistants collaborate extensively with nurses and other healthcare professionals, thereby contributing to the expansion of the healthcare team. This environment of collaboration facilitates the exchange of knowledge and expertise.
  • Specialized Training: Medication Aides are required to complete specialized training in order to acquire the knowledge and abilities required to administer medications. A more comprehensive comprehension of pharmacology and healthcare practices may result from this training.
  • Opportunities for Career Progression: Medication aides may be presented with avenues for professional development. Certain individuals may opt to advance their education and obtain licenses to practice nursing as registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs).
  • Demand in Healthcare Settings: In numerous healthcare settings, including assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and long-term care facilities, the demand for medication aids is frequently high. This demand may result in a variety of employment opportunities and job security.
  • Patient Interaction: Medication aids frequently engage in direct patient interaction. They may experience a greater sense of satisfaction in knowing that they are contributing to the improvement of the health of individuals in need of medical treatment.
  • Flexible Work Schedules: Flexible work schedules may be an option available to medication aides, contingent upon the healthcare environment. Individuals in search of a harmonious work-life equilibrium may find this flexibility advantageous.
  • Transferable Skills: The competencies gained through the position of Medication Aide, including but not limited to organizational prowess, communication aptitude, and attention to detail, are applicable not only to the healthcare field but also to non-healthcare vocations.
  • Stability of Employment: Healthcare occupations, including those of Medication Aides, generally offer job stability. The critical nature of medication administration in the provision of patient care sustains the continuous need for competent personnel.

About the Opportunity

The Medication Aide is responsible for the safe administration of prescribed medications and treatments to residents who require assistance, adhering to state regulatory requirements and stipulations. Conducts an observation of the residents as they take the medication, records pertinent information, including any unexpected or adverse effects, accurately documents the information required in the residents’ medication administration records, and promptly notifies the Wellness Director, Wellness Coordinator, or designated personnel of any concerns or observations.

Additionally, the Medication Aide assists residents with socialization, cognition, physical health, and personal hygiene, among other activities of daily living. Fosters resident autonomy upholds resident preferences, and protects resident dignity by maintaining a professional demeanor and engaging in appropriate interactions.

Critical Success Factors

  • Effective fulfillment of the medication assistance training prerequisites as mandated by the facility and state regulations.
  • Ensures that medication certification requirements are current in accordance with state regulations.
  • Demonstrating compassion and empathy in one’s personal engagements.
  • Proficiency in both written and oral communication.
  • Self-directed and self-motivated; inclined toward teamwork and collaboration.
  • Highly organized and adaptable, with the capacity to manage multiple demands/tasks simultaneously. Illustrates problem-solving capabilities.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior experience in direct care is preferred.
  • GED or high school diploma.
  • Certification in current CPR is preferred.
  • Age requirements are met in accordance with facility policy and state laws.

We provide equal employment opportunities. We assess eligible candidates in an inclusive manner, keeping in mind protected characteristics such as national origin, disability, veteran status, race, color, religion, sex, and national origin.

Nordic Court Assisted Living is an ideal environment from which to launch a professional career. Whether you are a novice or seeking a transition, our community is an exemplary place of employment. We employ the most qualified individuals, including enthusiastic chefs and proficient clinical personnel, to staff our senior living community in Denmark, Wisconsin. We take great pride in hiring individuals who are enthusiastic about the prospect of joining a flourishing, person-centered community.

Join our local professional team immediately. Consider the following job openings as you pursue the career of your dreams. In accordance with federal, state, and local laws, and in adherence to a policy that ensures equal employment opportunities, every employment decision is rendered. Please inform us in advance if your disability necessitates an accommodation during the application or interview procedures.

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  1. What is the basic role of the medication aide?

    Manage daily medications and ensure they are given to patients (prescription or non-prescription). Record medication dosages and times they should be administered. Observe patients and document any changes (and respond to any calls or signals identifying patient needs).

  2. What is a medication aid? 

    The primary duty of a medication aide is to administer daily medication following the dosage and times prescribed by a doctor or other medical professional. They assist nurses, monitor patients for changes in condition or vital signs, and report adverse reactions to medication.

  3. Why do you want to be a medication aide?

    As many jobs that involve working with elderly patients have boomed, so have the prospects for a medication aide. People are living longer and many need long-term care. A medication aid is a step to increasing both your job options and your salary.

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