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Health Care Support Worker Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

You are responsible for encouraging individuals to be as independent as possible. This will include assisting individuals with household chores such as cooking and cleaning, getting out, participating in activities, attending college or work, or going on vacation, in addition to providing day-to-day assistance.

Job Description:

Regarding the development and well-being of our employees, MPFT is committed to delivering the following:

  • Our SOOTHE resources support the financial, physical, and emotional well-being of employees of the trust. Along with the assistance our occupational health provider provides, Team Prevent also provides additional support.
  • Provision of counseling services, lifestyle guidance, and information about various personal matters.
  • Your input is solicited through “In Our Gift” to effect change.
  • Possibility of obtaining additional annual leave
  • Optional flexibility at work (dependent on the position)
  • Career advancement and mentoring opportunities, in addition to access to in-house training programs
  • Supporting the Advancement of Research Skills (STARS) is a pioneering initiative in the field of research training.
  • The Child Care Voucher Initiative
  • Recognition and participation of employees in LOVE Awards, Staff Engagement Surveys, and LOVE Long Service Awards
  • Discounts provided by the NHS are accessible via the Blue Card and Red Guava programs.

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About Us:

Your participation in Team MPFT will result in your support for local communities being reciprocated with the following:

  • Facilitating your career progression and development
  • Outstanding NHS Pension Scheme
  • Generous leave is granted for paternity, adoption, and pregnancy.
  • Adaptable work arrangements
  • Annual leave of up to 27 days (expanding to 33 days with service) is available for purchase.
  • Resources and assistance for health and wellbeing
  • Your travel time between patients is covered if you are an employee of one of our community teams.
  • If you drive more than 500 business miles annually, you must lease a vehicle that is fully maintained and insured (including tires), with mileage billed at the lease car rate.
  • The cost of a fully insured and maintained salary sacrifice vehicle (including tires) is deducted from the employee’s total salary before the calculation of tax, NI, and pension deductions. Mileage is compensated at the standard business rate.
  • Bike sacrifices for a salary of up to £2000
  • Each location of the trust provides complimentary parking.
  • Each year, complimentary influenza vaccinations are distributed.
  • If the criteria are met, assistance from Citizens Advice is matched with a Hardship Fund for one-time supplementary assistance of up to £250.
  • And furthermore. We are honored to be an inclusive and diverse organization, and we provide a range of staff networks to facilitate connections with individuals who share your interests.


  • To provide aid and engage in therapeutic conversation with individuals receiving services for mental health concerns.
  • To aid individuals receiving services with their personal care requirements and therapeutic observations.
  • By delivering evidence-based interventions and high-quality, outcome-measured care, we aim to facilitate the recovery of our service users.
  • To assist registered professionals with the implementation and assessment of individualized care plans.

Benefits of Health Care Support Worker Jobs in UK:

  • Direct Care for Patients: Healthcare support workers fulfill a critical function by delivering direct care and assistance to patients. They provide support in performing activities of daily living, oversee the health and safety of patients, and monitor their progress.
  • Significance of the Impact: Support staff who are employed in healthcare are capable of significantly influencing the well-being of patients. They aid in the recovery process and improve the overall well-being of individuals who are frail, geriatric, or have disabilities.
  • Diverse Work Environments: Healthcare Assistance Employment opportunities are available in a variety of healthcare contexts, such as clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and at-home care. This diversity enables people to select an environment that corresponds with their personal preferences and professional aspirations.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: It is well known that the healthcare sector offers job stability. Consistent demand for competent healthcare support personnel fosters the creation of enduring employment prospects.
  • Possibilities for Progress: There may be career progression opportunities for healthcare support workers within the healthcare industry. They can advance toward positions with greater responsibilities, such as that of a healthcare manager or registered nurse, with additional education and experience.
  • Adaptable Timetables: To better accommodate the requirements of patients and staff, several healthcare facilities provide flexible work hours. Individuals in search of a more favorable equilibrium between their professional and personal lives may find this flexibility to be attractive.
  • Continuous Education: Healthcare support workers frequently encounter opportunities to engage in ongoing education and refine their abilities. They may participate in continuing education programs that cover new healthcare technologies and best practices.
  • Collaboration in Teams: Healthcare support workers collaborate extensively with a diverse range of healthcare professionals, such as physicians, therapists, and nurses. This collaborative effort cultivates a spirit of solidarity and reciprocal assistance.
  • Health Care Advantages: A considerable number of employers in the healthcare industry offer their staff comprehensive health and wellness benefits, which encompass vision, dental, and medical coverage. This enhances the holistic welfare of support personnel.
  • Professional and Emotional Development: To provide care in a healthcare setting, one must possess effective communication skills, empathy, and compassion. Support staff in health care have the potential for personal and professional development through the cultivation of these attributes.
  • Diverse job duties include: A healthcare support worker may be responsible for assisting patients with personal hygiene, administering medications, monitoring vital signs, and offering emotional support, among other responsibilities.
  • Community Involvement: Support workers make a positive impact on the health and well-being of their communities through their employment in healthcare. Developing a sense of pride in one’s work and experiencing personal fulfillment can result from this sense of contribution.

Certificate of Sponsorship

Applications from job seekers requiring sponsorship as a current skilled worker to work in the United Kingdom are encouraged and will be evaluated in conjunction with all other applications. For further details, please visit the UK Visas and Immigration website.

More Info

To obtain entry clearance into the United Kingdom, skilled worker petitioners have been obligated to present a criminal record certificate from each country in which they have maintained continuous or cumulative residence for a minimum of twelve months within the preceding ten years, as of April 6, 2017. Additional dependents, who are adults aged 18 or older, are likewise obligated to perform this task. Advice is available at this location. Background investigations for criminal activity against international candidates (opens in a new tab).

  1. How much does a health care support worker earn in the UK?

    The average care support worker salary in the United Kingdom is £22,756 per year or £11.67 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £21,310 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £28,325 per year.

  2. What are the main duties and responsibilities of a care worker?

    Role overview
    Supporting people with social and physical activities as well as basics such as eating and drinking.
    Booking and accompanying people at appointments.
    Assist with personal care.
    Monitoring individuals’ conditions by taking their temperature, pulse, respiration, and weight, and possibly helping with medication.

  3. What skills do you need as a support worker?

    organizational skills. 
    good listening and communication skills. 
    the ability to understand and follow policies and procedures. 
    good writing skills to fill in care and support plans.

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