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Bank Registered Nurse Jobs in Bangor 2024 – Apply Now

The Registered Nurse will actively engage in the provision of care, collaborate with the manager to establish and execute policies and procedures and oversee the delivery of care to verify that the established objectives and standards are being met.

The shifts will be from 8 pm to 8 am on weekdays or 8 pm to 8 am on weeknights.

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Details of Bank Registered Nurse Jobs in Bangor

  • Location: Abbey View, Bangor
  • Company: DOMESTIC CARE
  • Hourly Rate: £19.66
  • Job Type: Bank
  • Shifts: Days & Nights
  • Job Ref: 23MDAV04

Duties of Bank Registered Nurse Jobs in Bangor

  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of the residence.
  • Supervising the admission, discharge, or transfer of patients and ensuring compliance with policies pertaining to the secure storage of residents’ belongings.
  • Assuring the organization of resident/patient care is predicated on planning and evaluation, as well as individual assessment and identification of strengths and weaknesses. Assigning, directing, and overseeing personnel in accordance with this duty.
  • Supporting and promoting the adoption of new techniques, procedures, and equipment among staff members.
  • Maintaining communication with the Manager regarding pertinent updates and specific concerns concerning the prescription, storage, and dispensation of medications.
  • Supply requisitioning and management of supplies such as stationery, clothing, and supplies, with an emphasis on promoting and implementing economical practices.
  • Active participation in the delivery of nursing care while providing direct supervision of the work of care staff to ensure the highest standards are maintained.
  • Supervise and oversee the work of the catering and housekeeping staff, as required, in collaboration with the home manager.
  • Establishing goals for both trained and ancillary personnel and ensuring that they are executed with professionalism.
  • Assuring that the Manager is informed of the educational requirements of all personnel.
  • Maintaining effective communication and collaboration with medical and paramedical personnel in regard to patient care and treatment, while also ensuring strict adherence to prescribed treatments and instructions.
  • Constantly demonstrating leadership in order to inspire and maintain the confidence and morale of the nursing, domestic, and catering staff.
  • Conducting investigations and maintaining records of all resident/patient and family member complaints in accordance with the home’s policy.
  • Additional responsibilities as determined by the home manager.

Benefits of Bank Registered Nurse Jobs

  • Job Stability: The nursing profession is frequently regarded as recession-resistant and stable. There is generally a steady demand for healthcare services, including nursing.
  • Competitive Salary: In general, registered nurses are remunerated competitively, with potential salary increases contingent upon specialized practice, additional certifications obtained, or extended experience.
  • Healthcare Benefits: A considerable number of healthcare employers, encompassing hospitals and clinics, offer all-encompassing health and wellness benefits to their nursing staff.
  • Flexible Work Schedules: Flexible work schedules are frequently provided by nursing positions, which encompass a range of shift options. Individuals who have time constraints or strive to manage professional obligations may find this flexibility advantageous.
  • Career Progression: By specializing, pursuing advanced degrees (e.g., becoming a nurse practitioner or nurse manager), and assuming leadership positions, registered nurses can advance in their careers.
  • Opportunities for Continuing Education: Healthcare organizations frequently encourage and support continuing education for nurses. This may encompass financial aid, seminars, conferences, or support for the pursuit of advanced degrees.
  • Job Satisfaction: Due to their direct involvement in patient care, nurses frequently find their work to be extraordinarily gratifying. It can be personally gratifying to influence the health and well-being of others in a positive way.
  • Diverse Specializations: Nursing provides an extensive range of specialized areas of practice, including but not limited to critical care, pediatrics, and oncology. This enables nurses to discover a specialized field that corresponds with their personal interests and fervor.
  • Global Opportunities: The international recognition of nursing credentials frequently grants nurses the flexibility to pursue employment in various countries, should they so choose.
  • Team Collaboration: Nurses operate within collaborative settings, where they engage in exchanges with healthcare practitioners hailing from diverse fields of expertise. This collaboration fosters a dynamic and supportive work environment.

Essential Criteria:

  • RGN or RMN (Adult) on Part 1 of the NMC Register, Registered Nurse

About Abbey View

As of August 2022, Abbey View represents the most recent inclusion to MD Healthcare. Abbey View is situated in close proximity to the historically significant Bangor Abbey in the Northern Ireland seaside town of Bangor. Across two floors, the facility provides nursing care for up to twenty-five residents.

How to Apply for Bank Registered Nurse Jobs in Bangor

If you are interested in this position, kindly complete the application form provided below or reach out to our recruitment department to obtain a hard copy:

We are an Employer of Equal Opportunity. We strictly enforce a no-smoking policy.

A satisfactory Enhanced Access NI check will be required for this post

In accordance with the Access NI Code of Practice, the Domestic Care Group of companies has a policy regarding the secure storage, use, management, and retention of disclosure information. Contact the HR Department to obtain copies of these documents in addition to the Access NI Code of Practice, which are available upon request. Please note that we have a policy regarding the employment of former offenders, should you be successful.

According to our policy, the mere presence of a criminal conviction does not automatically result in the rescinding of a job offer; however, neglecting to disclose all criminal convictions in a complete and accurate manner will cause the offer to be rescinded.

  1. What is the role of a bank staff nurse?

    Participate in the assessment, development, implementation, evaluation, and recording of programs of care that are evidence-based and promote patient and caregiver individuality and empowerment in accordance with professional guidelines and best practices.

  2. What is a registered nurse for? 

    Registered nurses (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their families.

  3. What’s a bank nurse?

    Most frequently, NHS health boards are in charge of running the nursing banks. Think of them as a register of staff who are prepared to come in at short notice to cover staff sickness or to pick up extra shifts at busy times.

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