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Night Care Support Worker Jobs in Dublin 2024 – Apply Now

Crosscare operates in accordance with the tenets of servant leadership. With Love, Respect, and Excellence, the Crosscare Homeless, Youth, Information, and Advocacy Teams assist those in greatest need.

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Details of Night Care Support Worker Jobs in Dublin

  • Location: Dublin, Haven House
  • Company: Crosscare
  • Work Schedule: 7-day rota (including nights, & weekends). Full-time 38.5hr per week
  • Contract: One year Fixed Term
  • Salary: €30,279
  • Reporting to: Service Management Team

Role of Night Care Support Worker Jobs in Dublin

In order to offer a support service to individuals who are solitary and homeless. The placement of individuals in our care is intended to facilitate the acquisition of a permanent residence, while also ensuring that all necessary personal qualities and support systems are established to sustain their current residence. We are dedicated to providing the utmost quality of care feasible and collaborating extensively with our peers in the areas of care coordination and case administration.

Our service environments are difficult to navigate as we strive to implement an inclusive approach while assisting individuals with complex problems.

This position is entirely client-centric, striving to achieve the best possible results for all those on whom we depend.

Responsibilities of Night Care Support Worker Jobs

  • To establish and maintain professional, trustworthy relationships with individuals while upholding the Crosscare values and treating them with dignity and respect.
  • Assist Social Care Workers in performing their responsibilities in order to ensure the efficient functioning of a high-traffic residential facility.
  • Adhere to policies and procedures governing the reporting of Child Protection concerns.
  • Assist coworkers with all responsibilities, including conflict resolution, health issue response, premise administration, referral processing, and daily operational duties.
  • To guarantee productive working relationships by functioning efficiently as a member of a team and being receptive to reasonable requests from the Deputy Project Leader or Project Leader/Team leader;
  • To operate in accordance with the policies, code of conduct, and standard operating procedures of Cross Care.
  • To guarantee the accurate maintenance of all records;
  • As a Night Support Worker, assist and contribute to the National Quality Standards Framework with your colleagues to ensure that the project maintains a consistent level of service delivery and quality standards.

Fire/Health & Safety

  • Assist and/or conduct fire inspections in accordance with the building’s and residents’ fire strategy and policy;
  • To adhere to all project-related health and safety policies.

House Keeping

  • Ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of both internal and external common areas, fostering an upscale and sanitary atmosphere for residents and guests;


  • Minor maintenance issues should be addressed as they arise, while larger maintenance issues should be reported to project staff.


  • Engage in consistent supervision
  • Attend and identify pertinent training

Qualification of Night Care Support Worker Jobs in Dublin

  • A minimum level 5 qualification in social care, addiction, youth work, or healthcare, as recognized by the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) QQI, is required.


  • Internal candidates with over one year of experience and no Level 5 or relevant Level 5 on the Current Relief Support Worker panel.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of child protection
  • IT-literate with strong numeracy and comprehension abilities
  • Effective interpersonal, collaborative, and communicative abilities
  • Conspicuously exhibited client focus
  • Work capacity under duress
  • Willingness or experience working the night shift
  • Capacity to perform minor maintenance and repairs
  • It is imperative that candidates explicitly showcase the aforementioned critical criteria in their applications before being taken into consideration for shortlisting.
  • Work experience and employment in the community and/or juvenile work sector, addiction services, or residential services.

Benefits of Night Care Support Worker Jobs

  • Night Care Support: Critical Assistance During Nighttime Hours Personnel fulfill an essential function by delivering care and assistance throughout the nocturnal hours, when individuals may necessitate aid with diverse undertakings, medicinal necessities, or emotional solace.
  • Optimised Work Schedule Adaptability: Certain individuals may have a preference for or a need for nocturnal care. The position of Night Care Support Worker can provide employees with greater scheduling flexibility, permitting them to select periods that are compatible with their personal schedules.
  • Differential Pay Rates: Differential pay rates are a benefit offered by certain employers who motivate employees to work night schedules by providing financial incentives.
  • Reduced Commuting Stress: The absence of heavy traffic and congestion during night duties may potentially alleviate the stress that is typically associated with commuting to and from work.
  • Prospects for Further Education: During the more tranquil hours of the night, night care support staff might be afforded the chance to attend supplementary training sessions or seminars, thereby augmenting their expertise and competencies.
  • Quiet and Calm Environment: Night schedules generally provide a more tranquil and peaceful work environment, which may be advantageous for those who prefer a more serene ambiance.
  • Enhanced Autonomy: The reduced staffing levels during night duties afford Night Care Support Workers greater autonomy and accountability in the process of making decisions.
  • Priority for Safety and Monitoring: Overnight, there may be a heightened emphasis on the surveillance and protection of individuals entrusted to one’s care. The critical function of night care support workers is to respond to medical emergencies and changes in patients’ conditions.
  • Academic Pursuit Opportunities: Night Care Support Workers may have the capacity to engage in personal development activities or pursue academic interests during the daytime hours due to the night shift schedule.
  • Team Collaboration: Despite the fact that night duties may have a smaller staff, teamwork and collaboration continue to be vital. Night Care Support Workers frequently collaborate with their peers, guaranteeing uninterrupted care through effective communication.

Crosscare adopts a service-oriented approach to its endeavors, demonstrating compassion, generosity, and affection in every interaction with individuals. We provide individuals with a degree of regard that they will distinctly recall well beyond the provision of our assistance and support. We pursue excellence in all that we undertake. It is owed to our consumers, youth, and service recipients.

Application Process:

Kindly ensure that your cover letter and curriculum vitae specify the position for which you are applying. Crosscare is duly registered with both the Revenue Commissioners (CHY-6262) and the Charities Regulator (RCN: 20169084). The Social Care Agency of the Archdiocese of Dublin is known as Crosscare. Comprehensive details regarding every facet of our operations can be found at

More Info

Crosscare is an employer that values equal opportunity. Garda Vetting will be utilized for this position.

  1. What is a night support worker?

    The Waking Night Support Workers will assess risk, manage incidents, and provide person-centered support to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents throughout the night. Waking Night Support Workers must remain awake for the duration of the shift.

  2. What does a support worker do at night? 

    They are awake all night to support you when you need it most, as often as you need it. They can also help at two key times (in the early mornings and evenings), potentially reducing the cost of day-time home care.

  3. Do night shift workers sleep?

    Overall, shift workers tend to be continually sleep-deprived. It is very hard for night shift workers to get enough sleep during the day. They get a daily average of two to four hours less sleep than normal. It is hard for them to get their bodies to fall asleep during the day.

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