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Health Care Support Worker Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Now

Do you wish to contribute to Derwen Ward as a conscientious and driven individual, collaborating with a dynamic multidisciplinary team comprised of specialists, supporters, and enthusiasts of every facet of frailty care? You will facilitate the transition of patients from acute or emergency care to home-based care.

Details of Health Care Support Worker Jobs in UK:

  • Location: UK
  • Offered Salary: £23.2 – £24.7 
  • Experience: 2 Year
  • Gender: Both
  • Qualification: Certificate
  • Career Level: Executive

About us:

The planning and provision of National Health Service (NHS) healthcare services in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, and the adjacent counties fall under the jurisdiction of the Hywel Dda University Health Board. Across one-fourth of Wales’ land area, our 11,000 employees provide primary, community, in-hospital, mental health, and learning disability services to approximately 384,000 individuals. This is achieved through the collective efforts of our three local administrations, public, private, and third-sector colleagues, and volunteers, among others:

The four primary hospitals are as follows: Bronglais General Hospital in Aberystwyth, Glangwili General Hospital in Carmarthen, Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli, and Withybush Hospital in Haverfordwest.

There are seven community hospitals in the following regions: Tenby and South Pembrokeshire Hospital Health and Social Care Resource Centre in Pembrokeshire; Tregaron, Aberaeron, and Cardigan in Ceredigion; and Amman Valley and Llandovery in Carmarthenshire.

In addition to 99 community pharmacies, 44 general ophthalmic practices (of which 34 offer low vision services and 43 conduct Eye Health Examination Wales) are operational, of which 48 are managed practices, 47 are dental offices (three of which specialize in orthodontics), 17 are domiciliary only providers, and 11 are health centers.

Numerous locations assist with cognitive disabilities and mental health.

The Welsh Health Specialized Services division, which is comprised of seven health boards from throughout Wales, is tasked with the procurement of tertiary and highly specialized services.

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Main Responsibilities:

  • You will work in close collaboration with the nursing staff and therapists to assist frail individuals in attaining their specific objectives and establishing an optimal functional baseline.
  • Applicants who speak English and/or Welsh are encouraged to apply.
  • Interviews will be conducted.

Benefits of Health Care Support Worker Jobs:

  • Direct Care for Patients: Healthcare support workers engage in direct patient care daily. They support patients in performing activities of daily living, oversee their health, and offer emotional assistance, thereby making a positive contribution to the holistic welfare of those utilizing healthcare services.
  • Diversity of Work Environments: Community health organizations, clinics, hospitals, and long-term care facilities are all viable employment environments for HCSWs. This diversity affords individuals the opportunity to acquire a variety of experiences and investigate various facets of healthcare.
  • Maintaining job stability: In general, healthcare support personnel are in high demand, which contributes to the sector’s job security and stability. As long as patient care is required, there will undoubtedly be a demand for HCSWs.
  • Progression Opportunities in the Profession: There may be career advancement opportunities for healthcare support workers within the healthcare industry. As one gain further education and professional experience, they may elect to specialize, pursue advanced degrees, or progress to supervisory positions.
  • The domain of training and development: Numerous healthcare organizations allocate resources toward the development and training of their support personnel. HCSWs are afforded the chance to augment their expertise by participating in training programs, seminars, and continuing education, all of which contribute to their professional development.
  • Sophisticated work schedules: Healthcare environments frequently provide their personnel with flexible work schedules to accommodate their requirements. This degree of adaptability may prove advantageous for people who have diverse personal obligations.
  • Collaboration in Teams: As members of a highly collaborative healthcare team, HCSWs collaborate closely with physicians, registered nurses, and other practitioners. This collaborative effort guarantees harmonized healthcare and a comprehensive perspective on the welfare of patients.
  • Emotional Incentives: Providing assistance and care to those in need can have a profound emotional impact. Frequently, HCSWs improve the quality of life for patients and their families in a crucial way.
  • Enhancement of Public Health: Health Care Support Workers assist in the care of individuals with diverse health requirements, thereby making a valuable contribution to public health. Their labor contributes to the health and well-being of the community.
  • Entryway to Careers in Healthcare: An Employment Support A worker position may function as an intermediary for individuals contemplating a profession in healthcare. It affords the chance to acquire practical experience and make informed decisions regarding potential areas of specialization.
  • Appreciation and Recognition: It is acknowledged that HCSWs make significant contributions to patient care. Healthcare professionals, patients, and their families frequently acknowledge and value their commitment and effort.
  • Diverse Development of Skills: An HCSW is responsible for cultivating a wide range of competencies, including technical, interpersonal, and communication skills. This range of skill development opportunities contributes to the job’s appeal and career flexibility.

Certificate of Sponsorship

Applications from job seekers requiring sponsorship as a current skilled worker to work in the United Kingdom are encouraged and will be evaluated in conjunction with all other applications. For further details, please visit the UK Visas and Immigration website.

To obtain entry clearance into the United Kingdom, skilled worker petitioners have been obligated to present a criminal record certificate from each country in which they have maintained continuous or cumulative residence for a minimum of twelve months within the preceding ten years, as of April 6, 2017. Additional dependents, who are adults aged 18 or older, are likewise obligated to perform this task. Advice is available in this location. Background investigations for criminal activity on international candidates

More Info

  1. How much does a health care support worker earn in the UK?

    The average care support worker salary in the United Kingdom is £22,756 per year or £11.67 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £21,310 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £28,325 per year.

  2. How can I work as a support worker in the UK?

    There are no set entry requirements to become a healthcare support worker, but good literacy and numeracy skills are expected, and in some cases, GCSEs (or equivalent) in English and math are required too. You may also need a healthcare qualification, such as a BTEC or NVQ for some of our roles.

  3. Are support workers in demand in the UK? 

    Support workers are in demand in the UK due to the rapidly aging population. There is already a shortage of support workers.

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