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Home Care Jobs in Liverpool 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Attend our recruitment open house to meet the staff and service consumers, tour the facility, and engage in conversation with the staff. Applications and interviews are available on-site. Please provide identification with a photo and confirmation of address. We are unable to provide sponsorship for this occasion, and the contractual minimum is twenty-four hours.

Are you a cheerful, compassionate, and concerned individual with much to offer? Join our team as the newly hired healthcare assistant at the Wigan Lakeview nursing home. In your role as a health care assistant, you will assist adults who have complex care requirements so that they may lead the most fulfilling lives possible.

You will experience a profound sense of accomplishment and pride in this position, as each day will be spent effecting tangible change. Additionally, you should be proud that you work for one of the top providers in the country. Our residential ratings of ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ are significantly higher than the national average.

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Details of Home Care Jobs in Liverpool:

Job Title:Home Care Jobs in Liverpool
Company:Exemplar Health Care
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:£ 9.00-11.00 Per Hour
Location:Lakeview, Edna Road, Leigh, Greater Manchester, WN7 5ET, Leigh WN7
Country:United Kingdom

About Exemplar Health Care

Exemplar Health Care, a prominent provider of specialized nursing care for adults with complex and high-acuity needs, includes Lakeview.

We assist individuals with physical disabilities, complex mental health needs, dementia, and neurodisabilities such as Huntington’s disease.

We provide not only stable and secure employment opportunities, but also an abundance of learning, development, and advancement prospects, as well as excellent benefits and privileges.

About the role

Our Health Care Assistants assist individuals in living their optimal lives, in whatever way that entails for each individual.

While no two days will ever be identical, your daily obligations will consist of the following:

  • assisting individuals with their caring
  • aiding individuals during mealtimes
  • Recognizing the unique health and well-being requirements of each individual
  • promoting and assisting individuals to engage in social activities outside the household.
  • advocating for autonomy, dignity, choice, and regard
  • in maintaining and completing care records.

Regarding personnel levels in comparison to other care providers, ours are above average. An average of six colleagues comprise each unit that provides support for ten individuals; this arrangement affords you additional time to dedicate to the individuals you assist.

About you:

While pertinent experience and qualifications are appreciated, they are not mandatory for this position.

You are, above all else, an individual who embodies the Exemplar Health Care values of enjoyment, honesty, promptness, achievement, and collaboration.

You’re also…

  • compassionate, kind, empathetic, and composed
  • capable of handling and diffusing difficult situations
  • Exuberant and gregarious, exhibiting a constructive, proactive mindset
  • exceptional in both listening and communicating.

Human beings will be the focal point of all that you do.

With our buddy and continuous training programs, we will make you feel right at home from the moment you begin working in the care sector, even if you have no prior experience in the industry.

What we offer

We provide outstanding rewards and benefits, such as:

  • Regular oversight, peer assistance, educational prospects, and professional development
  • Quick access to earnings before a payday P.A.Y.E
  • Lifestyle and retail discounts
  • no-cost DBS screening
  • Counseling and support 24/7
  • Blue Light Card qualifiers.

Benefits of Home Care Jobs in Liverpool:

  • Constant Effects on Lives: Home care aides positively and directly influence the lives of the people for whom they assist. They furnish vital aid to clients who may require assistance with routine tasks, medical care, or psychological assistance.
  • Individualized Care: Home care enables attendants to provide clients with individualized, personalized care. The provision of individualized attention has the potential to enhance the standard of care and foster a more robust caregiver-client rapport.
  • Adaptability to Timetables: Home care employment frequently provides caregivers with the flexibility to design their schedules, accommodating their individual preferences and requirements. Individuals who have diverse lifestyles and responsibilities may find this flexibility useful.
  • A Range of Duties: In addition to companionship and personal care, home care aides are commonly responsible for meal preparation, medication administration, and meal preparation. This variance contributes to the job’s vitality and appeal.
  • Self-reliance for customers: Home care enables individuals to continue receiving essential support while remaining at the convenience of their residences. Customers frequently favor this autonomy because it improves their overall welfare.
  • Constructing Significant Relationships: Caregivers are afforded the chance to cultivate substantial and reliable connections with their clients and their families. Engaging in this connection can provide both the caregiver and the client with emotional fulfillment.
  • Support for Community Health: A vital component in promoting community health, home care workers attend to the needs of individuals who may be afflicted with health restrictions or difficulties. This enhances the collective welfare of the community.
  • Development of Professionalism and Training: Numerous home care agencies allocate resources toward staff training and professional development. There may be prospects for caregivers to augment their skill set by participating in training programs and seminars.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: The consistent demand for home care services affords employment security to those employed in this industry. An aging population is anticipated to result in a greater demand for home care services.
  • Possibilities for Progress: Professions in-home care can function as a transitional phase for individuals seeking to progress in their healthcare professions. Caregivers may advance to positions such as nursing or care management with further education and experience.
  • Community Participation: Frequently, home care aides have extensive connections to the communities they assist. They may contribute to local health initiatives, collaborate with healthcare professionals, and participate in community events.
  • Prioritizing Compassion: Job duties in-home care frequently demand an empathetic and compassionate approach to providing care. Individuals whose work involves a desire for human connection may find this emphasis on compassion personally satisfying.

How to Apply For Home Care Jobs in Liverpool?

To discuss joining us informally, please contact us at 01977 630830 or

Notably, candidates must possess employment authorization in the United Kingdom. At this time, we are not capable of sponsoring or assuming sponsorship for an employment visa.

For More Info:

Email Your CV, and We’ll Find the Best Pathway For you:

  1. What do you need to work in a care home in the UK?

    You’ll need:
    sensitivity and understanding.
    a desire to help people.
    the ability to work well with others.
    patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
    the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure.
    to be thorough and pay attention to detail.
    customer service skills.

  2. What are the duties of a home caregiver?

    Providing personal care, including showering, baths, shaving, and oral hygiene. Supporting people with mobility issues and transfers using appropriate equipment. Preparation of daily meals and support with feeding and hydration. Supporting and administering medication as per the company’s policies and procedures.

  3. What are the responsibilities of a care assistant?

    The main responsibility of a care assistant is to ensure the needs of the client are met. This can often involve helping them get ready for the day, administering medication, or helping with general household jobs. The care should always be person-centered to uphold high-quality standards.

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