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Health Intensive Care Coordinator Jobs in USA 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

There is a $3,000 sign-on bonus available for this position! Assistance with visa sponsorship and relocation is provided. You are joining a team of experts at The Home for Little Wanderers who are committed to ensuring that children have brighter, more promising futures when you become a member.

The Home for Little Wanderers has assisted vulnerable children and their families in attaining stable lives and promising futures for close to two centuries. Our 25+ residential and community-based programs help thousands of vulnerable adolescents between the ages of one and twenty-six. A considerable number of these children have endured maltreatment, abandonment, traumatic experiences, or a fractured familial unit. As the oldest child welfare organization in the United States, we provide them with secure living quarters, enduring affectionate connections, and a solid trajectory toward a more promising future.

A full-time intensive care coordinator is required by the Hyde Park CSA in Roslindale to assist MassHealth children with significant emotional disturbance in developing and executing an individual care strategy and risk management and safety strategy.

Collaborates with the Senior Intensive Care Coordinator and the Program Director to oversee the development and implementation of an individual care strategy and a risk management and safety strategy for MassHealth children afflicted with severe emotional distress.

How Will You Make a Difference?

  • Facilitates connections with other programs and agencies; establishes and sustains partnerships and services that are advantageous to families and children. Serve as a champion for the family and instruct parents on how to do the same for their offspring.
  • Provides support to families and adolescents by identifying and actively assisting them in accessing and monitoring the provision of available resources, including therapeutic, educational, social, and medical services, as well as community-based organizations, services, and formal and natural supports.
  •  Perform initial evaluations and assessments of newly acquired clients and their families. Transition and individual care plans are created, executed, and assessed.
  • To ensure that care is effectively coordinated, maintain working relationships with all area service providers to support referrals from various providers, including ESP/Mobile Crisis Intervention providers.
  •  It is imperative to sustain ongoing communication with the client, collateral, and providers of auxiliary services. This may require substantial telephone correspondence in addition to organizing and participating in case conference sessions. Facilitate inter-provider and inter-provider communication.
  •  Disseminate written assessments, summary reports, documentation, treatment planning, and safety planning to the appropriate parties in a timely and coherent fashion. The timely submission of reports, documentation, and invoicing is required. Verify that the documentation meets the criteria for quality assurance and utilization review.
  • Attend and engage in personnel meetings. Deliver client materials and engage in discussions with the supervisor and team members regarding intricate and difficult client issues. Group and individual supervision must occur regularly. Engage in safety and clinical practice education.
  • Principal client interactions are documented per MassHealth’s directive.
  • You may potentially be expected to offer assistance in the form of behavioral support.
  • Engages in program activities, including staff and team meetings, attends to program training and development requirements, and rotates through primary on-call responsibilities.
  • It could be required that one carry a mobile device.
  • It may be necessary to fulfill weekly invoicing obligations, contingent upon the specific program.

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Experience and Education:

  • A Master’s degree in a mental health discipline (including, but not limited to, counseling, family therapy, social work, psychology, and so forth) from an accredited institution or university.
  • Family member advocacy and familiarity with navigating any system serving children and families, with an emphasis on behavioral health systems
  • Massachusetts CANS certification must be maintained.
  • Preferred knowledge of the communities in which we operate.
  • It may be necessary to possess proficiency in a second language, such as Spanish or Haitian Creole.
  • Proficiency in utilizing Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, in addition to the ability to swiftly master novel software applications

Benefits of Health Intensive Care Coordinator Jobs in USA:

  • Significant Role: The position of Health Intensive Care Coordinator entails the critical coordination and management of care for patients who require intensive medical attention. Patient outcomes may be directly and positively impacted by this position.
  • Promotion of Patient Advocacy: Coordinators frequently ensure that patients receive expeditious and appropriate care by acting as their advocates. This requires families, healthcare providers, and support services to collaborate closely to meet the specific requirements of each patient.
  • The collaborative setting: Typically, Health Intensive Care Coordinators interact with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, therapists, and support personnel, in a collaborative healthcare setting.
  • Advancements in Professional Development: The position offers prospects for career advancement as coordinators acquire specialized knowledge in the areas of healthcare administration, coordinating patient care, and the complexities inherent in intensive care environments.
  • Strengthened communication abilities: Effective communication skills are frequently required of coordinators to facilitate correspondence between patients, healthcare professionals, and their families. This can facilitate the growth of proficient oral and written communication abilities.
  • The application of critical thinking and problem-solving skills: The coordination of intensive care necessitates decision-making in frequently critical and ever-changing circumstances. This facilitates the growth of problem-solving and critical reasoning abilities.
  • Holistic Care for Patients: Coordinators prioritize the delivery of comprehensive care that takes into account patients’ physical, emotional, and social welfare. By employing this methodology, a more holistic and patient-centric healthcare encounter is enhanced.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Those who are deeply committed to improving the well-being of individuals requiring intensive healthcare may find great fulfillment in labor in positions that have a direct influence on patient care and outcomes.
  • Quality Enhancement Programs: Coordinators may participate in quality improvement initiatives and projects that seek to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare provision within intensive care environments.
  • The quality of adaptability: Healthcare coordination necessitates the capacity to adjust to dynamic circumstances and evolving patient requirements. A talent such as adaptability can prove to be highly advantageous in a healthcare environment that is constantly evolving.
  • Knowledge Transmission: Coordinators frequently possess the opportunity to impart their knowledge and expertise to fellow healthcare professionals, thereby making a valuable contribution to the holistic growth of the healthcare team.
  • Enhancement of Public Health: Health Intensive Care Coordinators aid in the prevention of complications and the progression of conditions by ensuring that patients receive expeditious and suitable care, thereby contributing to overarching public health objectives.

Valuing Diversity:

Developing a culture that upholds these principles is in tandem with our commitment to excellence in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that our diversity enables us to provide exceptional care and service to a wide array of children, families, and communities. In addition, these values—belongingness, equity, diversity, and inclusion—are consistent with our mission and belief system, which is to support vulnerable children and their families in building positive, long-lasting change.

What the Home Can Provide:

In addition to the chance to positively impact the lives of young people in the communities we serve on an ongoing basis, The Home for Little Wanderers offers competitive compensation and an extensive benefits program comprising the following:

  • Upon joining, new personnel are provided with comprehensive training.
  • Considerable vacation time Scholarship support
  • Medical and dental coverage
  • Plan 403(b) of Retirement with Employer Match
  • Long-term and temporary disability coverage
  • Coverage for life
  • Even more so.

Opportunity for All Employer/Protected Veterans/Disabled Individuals

The contractor shall refrain from terminating or engaging in any form of discriminatory action against candidates or employees on the basis that they inquired about, disclosed, or discussed the compensation of another applicant or employee. Conversely, it is unlawful for personnel whose primary job responsibilities require them to access the compensation information of other personnel or applicants to divulge said information to non-compliance-holders, except in situations where such disclosure is (a) required to address a formal complaint or charge, or (b) necessary to advance an investigation, proceeding, hearing, or action, including an ongoing investigation. 41 CFR 60-1.35(c)

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  1. What is the role of an ICU coordinator?

    Manages follow-up care for the patient and communicates the follow-up care plan to the patient and the patient’s family members. Assists the physician during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to promote optimal patient outcomes. Assesses, prepares, and positions patients for procedures.

  2. What is a care coordinator?

    Care coordinators facilitate conversations between interdisciplinary care teams (including patient navigators, care coordinators, primary care physicians, and additional health care providers) and expedite client service referrals.

  3. Why work in the ICU as a nurse?

    One of the nice things about being an ICU nurse is that you typically have fewer patients each day than you would in another unit, which means you have more time for each person and you get to form deeper connections with them.

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