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Full Time Live-in Care Jobs in Plymouth 2024 – Apply Now

We are currently seeking live-in caretakers in Plymouth and the adjacent areas. The shift schedule will consist of one week on and one week off.

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Details of Full Time Live-in Care Jobs in Plymouth:

Job Title:Full Time live-in Care Jobs in Plymouth
Company:SGM outreach services
Job Type:Full-time
Salary:£700 – £800 a week
Education:GCSE or equivalent (preferred)
Experience:Home care: 1 year (preferred)
Language:English (required)
Work setting:Remote
Country:United States


  • Assist individuals with activities of daily living such as dressing, toileting, cleansing, and dressing.
  • Provide medication administration and management assistance.
  • Assemble and distribute meals in adherence to dietary restrictions and requirements.
  • Light housekeeping duties, including laundry and decluttering, may be delegated to you.
  • Facilitate companionship and participate in purposeful activities alongside clients. As required, provide transportation to social events and appointments.


  • Required prior experience in a caregiving or related discipline.
  • A patient and compassionate disposition.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • Capability to work independently and adhere to instructions.
  • Transportation that is dependable and a legitimate driver’s license.
  • Proficient in evading a background check.

Benefits of Full Time Live-in Care Jobs in Plymouth:

  • Satisfying Work: The provision of live-in care enables attendants to significantly impact the well-being of individuals. Carers are afforded the chance to cultivate intimate connections with their clients while assisting with mundane tasks, personal hygiene, and companionship.
  • Consistent Employment: Frequently, full-time live-in care positions offer consistent and stable employment. In most cases, consistent work schedules and continuous relationships with the same client or clients instill a sense of stability and security in the carer.
  • Comprehensive Instruction: Employers of live-in care agencies frequently furnish carers with extensive training and assistance. Personal care techniques, medication management, communication skills, and emergency response may be covered in this training.
  • Compensatory Competitiveness: In general, competitive compensation packages comprise a salary, benefits, and possibly accommodation and board, which are all components of full-time live-in care positions. Additionally, carers might be eligible for overtime compensation or incentives.
  • Adaptable Timetables: Although live-in carers generally adhere to a full-time work schedule, they frequently possess the ability to bargain with their clients or agency regarding their schedules. Carers who have obligations or commitments beyond the workplace may find this flexibility particularly advantageous.
  • Advancements in Professional Development: Engaging in live-in care offers prospects for professional advancement and maturation. By acquiring new skills and gaining valuable experience, carers have the potential to progress to leadership positions within the caregiving industry.
  • An individual’s sense of satisfaction: A great number of carers derive immense, fulfilling, and lucrative satisfaction from their work. Providing assistance to those in need and enhancing their quality of life can engender a profound sense of fulfillment and meaning.
  • Possibility of Travel: Live-in carers might be granted the privilege of accompanying their clients on trips, family outings, or other similar journeys, contingent upon the particular arrangement. This may prove to be a delightful amenity for carers with a penchant for travel or the investigation of novel locales.
  • Conducive workplace atmosphere: Caretakers frequently benefit from a nurturing professional atmosphere at live-in care agencies, which includes access to care coordinators or administrators who can provide necessary direction, aid, and emotional support.
  • Support for the Community: Carers enhance the physical and mental health of members of their community through the provision of live-in care services. Their work enables people to maintain their independence, safety, and comfort in their residences for the longest period feasible.

We strongly urge individuals with a strong desire to improve the lives of others to submit their applications for the Live-in Carer position. For consideration, please submit your resume and references.

  1. What is the work of a live-in carer?

    Household chores: help around the home, such as vacuuming or washing clothes. Preparing and cooking meals. Running errands means assisting with tasks such as shopping or picking up prescriptions. Other medical support: extra training is provided for more complex support needs as well as first aid training.

  2. How many hours do live-in carers work in the UK?

    As a live-in carer, you’ll work an average of eight to ten-hour days (not necessarily consecutive hours) a day but you’ll need to be on hand to help the client if needed. You’ll also always have a two-hour break (off the premises) every day and you’re also never expected to work through the night.

  3. How much are carers paid per hour in the UK?

    The average care worker salary in the United Kingdom is £23,510 per year or £12.06 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £21,190 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £37,425 per year.

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