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Caregiver Jobs in Canada For Foreigners with Visa 2024

Free entry to Canada is available to care assistants who do not need to pass any English proficiency exams. If you are a caregiver interested in relocating abroad, numerous positions in Canada facilitate visas. A pathway exists for individuals to enter Canada in the capacity of a caregiver. You have the option of working as an infant caregiver, an elderly caregiver, or a nursing assistant. There are numerous opportunities for those wishing to immigrate to Canada via the caregiver pathway this year.

I will be entirely candid with you. You should submit your application for the caregiver pathway through a reputable Canadian agency that facilitates the entrance of international care workers. You must also find an agency that will sponsor your visa in its entirety and at no cost. The organizations listed on this page will assist you in entering Canada if you satisfy the migration requirements for a caregiver. A minimum of one year of experience in a caregiving capacity is required. Candidates are required to have a minimum of one year of experience in a caregiving role. You may, however, register for a position as a caregiver in Canada without prior experience.

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Is Canada Still Accepting Caregivers?

In 2024, Canada will continue to welcome caregivers. Additionally, the Home Support Worker Pilot and the Home Child Care Provider Pilot have been implemented. These are brand-new caregiver programs in Canada that sponsor visas. The previous carer pathway was employer-only, which meant that employment was dependent on the employer’s successful completion of a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and that the carer worked solely for that employer. Currently, employment in the new caregiver program remains contingent on a Canadian employer; nevertheless, employers are no longer obligated to adhere to the LMIA process.

At this time, occupation-specific work permits are available in Canada, removing the requirement to work for the same employer or location. You are now permitted to work for any employer or in any location.

List of Caregiver Jobs in Canada For Foreigners with Visa

Keep in mind that the objective of this guide is to assist you in securing visa-sponsored caregiving positions in Canada at no cost from employers. Thus, numerous positions as a caregiver qualify one to file for permanent residency. Let us begin by examining the most sought-after caregiving positions for which applications are currently being accepted. You will find the answers to crucial concerns that will assist you in applying for a visa to move to Canada in the following sections. Presently, few individuals are cognizant of these employment opportunities; moreover, qualification is straightforward.

Live-in Childcare Caregiver – Whitehorse, YT

This opportunity is for a permanent, full-time position as a caregiver. $17 per hour will be paid to you. A certificate of secondary school graduation and one to seven months of relevant expertise are all that are required. The position provides live-in accommodations. The position requires forty hours of weekly labor.

In the absence of the parents, your principal obligations entail assuming full control of the household. You will accompany the family on their travels as the caregiver and assist with child supervision and maintenance. Responsible responsibilities encompass caring for infants and children by bathing, dressing, and feeding them; instructing them in social skills and personal hygiene; ensuring the cleanliness and security of the household; coordinating wholesome meals and activities; preparing and serving nourishing meals; sanitizing bottles; formula preparation; and diaper changes. You will also supervise and provide care for children of various ages, notably toddlers and preschoolers (1–3 years), in your capacity as the caregiver.

Cheshire Independent Living Services – Entry-Level Caregiver Worker (No certification Required)

Cheshire Independent Living Services, located in Stratford, ON, is seeking candidates for an hourly position paying between $22.00 and $25.52. This is a temporary, permanent, part-time, or full-time position.

Workdays consist of 12-hour schedules, with the possibility of overtime and weekend, morning, evening, holiday, and weekend work. A valid Canadian driver’s license with consistent access to a dependable vehicle, a secondary school diploma (preferred), and valid auto insurance with liability coverage are required of candidates. Additionally, they must possess a daily desire to positively impact the lives of others. The position demands adaptability in terms of working multiple schedules and places significant value on punctuality and dependability.

WISDOM Learning Centre Inc. in Prince Albert, SK

At $20 per hour, WISDOM Learning Centre Inc. in Prince Albert, SK, is seeking a live-in childcare caregiver for a permanent, full-time position. Experience is regarded as an asset, and no degree, certificate, or diploma is required for this position. An inquiry will be made regarding the applicants’ present academic standing. Vision care benefits, disability benefits, and a health care plan are all included in the position’s health benefits. Your professional language is English, and your biweekly work schedule varies between 80 and 90 hours.

S. Bruneau in Westmeath Caregiver with Visa Sponsorship

For infant care, S. Bruneau in Westmeath, Ontario, is hiring a live-in caregiver on a full-time basis for an hourly wage of $16.55 to $20. The position does not necessitate a degree, certificate, or diploma; however, prior experience is regarded as a plus. The responsibilities of this position encompass overseeing the household in the absence of the parents, conducting basic housekeeping tasks, procuring food and household supplies, aiding in child supervision and housekeeping during family vacations, laundering, ironing, and pressing linens and clothing, and providing care for pets.

In the applicant screening process, consideration will be given to prior experience in this field, legal eligibility to work in Canada, and willingness to relocate for the position. The position is for a temporary period, English is the working language, and 35 hours of work per week are required.

Housekeeper Kristine Woodley

At $21.09 per hour, Kristine Woodley in Port Alberni, British Columbia, is offering a permanent, full-time housekeeping position. Although the position offers complimentary housing for live-in arrangements, this does not constitute a mandatory requirement for employment. The work will be performed at the residence of the client or employer.

In addition to stocking the linen closet, this position entails laundering clothing and domestic linens, performing light housekeeping and cleaning duties, purchasing food and household supplies, vacuuming carpeting, area rugs, draperies, and upholstered furniture.

Benefits of Caregiver Jobs in Canada

  • Employment Prospects: Canada is experiencing a surge in the need for caregivers as a result of its elderly population and expanding childcare requirements. This demand frequently gives rise to a multitude of job openings and prospects.
  • Job Security: Caring positions frequently offer consistent and extended periods of employment, particularly when endorsed by reputable organizations or families in need of continuous care.
  • Compassionate Work: Caring work is a compassionate occupation that affords individuals in need the chance to significantly improve the lives of others through the provision of care, support, and companionship.
  • Flexible work arrangements: Numerous caregiver positions provide schedules and work hours that are amenable to flexibility, which can be advantageous for individuals juggling additional obligations.
  • Personal Satisfaction: The act of offering caring and support to others can elicit emotional satisfaction, as it contributes to the betterment of the individual’s state of being.
  • Training and Skill Development: Certain organizations or employers offer training opportunities to caregivers in order to improve their abilities to provide care, thereby equipping them to effectively manage a range of situations.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Medical coverage and other benefits may be provided to caregivers, contingent upon the nature of the job and the employer.
  • Work-Life Balance: Maintaining a work-life balance is frequently possible for caregivers, provided they have adequate support and scheduling. This enables them to attend to their personal obligations while also fostering their overall well-being.
  • Prospects for Immigration: Through the utilization of particular caregiver immigration programs, caregiver positions in Canada may provide avenues for immigration or permanent residency.
  • Supportive Communities: Caregivers may, in certain circumstances, integrate into a supportive community that enriches their overall work experience, facilitated by organizations such as support groups, support agencies, or familial connections.

Are Caregivers Paid Well in Canada?

Visa sponsorship is available for one of the highest-paying caregiving positions in Canada. The hourly wage can range from a minimum of $16 to a maximum of $25, contingent upon the specific demands of the occupation. Thus, caregivers in Canada are indeed well compensated. An employer may increase your salary if they are impressed by your punctuality and dependability.

How Can I Travel to Canada as a Caregiver?

We will also discuss how to obtain sponsorship to work in Canada in this section. Therefore, the procedures become remarkably uncomplicated once the job application has been submitted. One may submit a job application from outside of Canada.

Requirements for Caregiver Jobs in Canada

The eligibility criteria for the Home Support Worker Pilot (HSWP) and Home Child Care Provider (HCCP) components of Canada’s Caregiver pilot program are surprisingly uncomplicated. Obtaining visa-sponsored caregiving employment in Canada is of the utmost importance.

  • A valid full-time employment offer from a Canadian employer is a prerequisite. The ideal employer for this position would be a private residence where the candidate would be responsible for attending to patients with severe medical requirements or children.
  • Education, training, or experience in the desired occupation are all possessed by the applicant. This may entail working as a home support worker (NOC 4412) or a home child care provider (NOC 4411).
  • The required language proficiency is in either French or English, with a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 minimum.
  • A report from the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) attesting to the credential’s equivalence to Canadian standards is required of the applicant.
  • Ultimately, the applicant must satisfy specific health, security, and legal requirements in order to be granted entry into Canada.

Choose the Right Caretaker Pilot Program

You are required to submit an application for either the Home Support Worker Pilot or the Home Child Care Provider Pilot, depending on the type of caregiving position you wish to pursue. Each of these corresponds to a distinct caregiving function; therefore, it is critical that you choose the one that corresponds with your intended profession in Canada.

Submit a Combined Application for Work Permit and Permanent Residence

You will be required to submit a work permit application in conjunction with your permanent residence application when the time comes to apply. Be certain to include both, along with the required application fees, in your submission. This dual application permits you to work in Canada during the processing of your permanent residence application.

For individuals with a maximum of 12 months of experience, the Home Child Care Provider Pilot or the Home Support Worker Pilot is mandatory. It was reduced from 24 months to 12 months in Canada. Include supporting documentation of your qualifying employment experience with your application.

Include a Work Permit Application

To be considered complete, your application must include a new work permit application, even if you currently possess a valid work permit. This step is critical to guaranteeing that your Canadian residency is duly authorized and documented.

Receive a Temporary Work Permit

You will receive a work permit if your application satisfies every stipulation. This permit is open-ended but occupation-restricted, allowing you to work as a caregiver for any Canadian employer. It is a transitory permit that enables you to obtain the required work experience in Canada in preparation for your application for permanent residence.

Gain Eligible Work Experience in Canada

In order to be eligible for permanent residence, one must complete a minimum of twelve months of relevant work experience in Canada while fulfilling the role of a caregiver. This experience constitutes a substantial element in determining your permanent residency eligibility.

After accumulating a sufficient amount of work experience, you will be required to submit evidence of this experience with your application. This documentation is essential for establishing that you have fulfilled the requirements for permanent residency work experience.

Await the Final Decision on Permanent Residence

Upon fulfilling the eligibility requirements and submitting all the necessary documentation, the last thing that remains is to await the decision regarding your application for permanent residence. The Canadian immigration authorities make this determination, which will ascertain your eligibility for permanent residency in Canada.

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  1. What are the requirements to work as a caregiver in Canada?

    You must have at least 24 months of full-time work experience in Canada as a home childcare provider in the four years (48 months) before you apply. Your application will be refused if you do not show that your work experience meets the NOC job description.

  2. Can I apply to be a caregiver in Canada without experience?

    Must have at least 2-3 years of experience caring for the elderly and preferably have experience dealing with clients with dementia.

  3. Can I sponsor a caregiver in Canada? 

    Under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), people in Canada are allowed to bring foreign workers into the country to work as caregivers through special, separate immigration programs: the Home Child Care Provider Pilot Program and the Home Support Worker Pilot Program.

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